Tuesday, October 16, 2012

When Does a Breast Lift Make Sense?

A breast lift is a type of adjustment to your breasts that gives you more youthful, natural looking breasts. Many women will find that their breasts do not remain the same as they age. They often lose their overall shape and begin to sag. In some cases, that youthful shape is no longer there. Not only do they look different, but they also feel different. The firmness can fade as well, leaving you with a less than desirable look. The good news is that many of these problems can be fixed.

Why Does This Happen?

There are many reasons that a breast lift may be necessary. The problem is that as a woman ages, the skin in this area also changes. It loses most of its elasticity. When this happens, instead of holding the tissues, fat and muscles in a specific place, they sag and hang lower. It may not look good, but there are no real health concerns for most people in this way.

When Does It Happen?

Unfortunately, this problem can happen to any woman as she ages. It commonly occurs after pregnancy and breastfeeding. For example, the woman's breasts will enlarge during this time but a few months after you stop breastfeeding, the breasts lose their volume. As a result, they are often less firm than they used to be.

It can also happen when a woman loses a significant amount of weight. Like with any other area of the body, as you lose weight, it will come off the tissues in the breasts as well. Weight reduction pulls stored fat from the body's cells evenly. This can leave you with a lot of extra skin.

Other times it can happen range significantly. For example, as you age, the skin naturally loses this level of elasticity. You can do little about it. Gravity is also a factor. It actually plays a big role in why your breasts may seem to be lower than they used to be. If your mother and grandmother saw significant changes in theirs as they aged, then you are likely to experience the same thing. Hereditary factors can be a reason you are dealing with this concern, too.

There is good news, though. With a breast lift, you can restore most of that bounce to them. This procedure can provide a way for you to see significant improvement. Some women will have a reduction at the same time, especially if there is too much skin to change. It can be an outstanding way for you to improve the way you look and feel about yourself. Take some time to talk to your doctor about your options.


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