Sunday, August 26, 2012

Breast Augmentation: Know Your Recovery

Even those who are planning to get breast augmentation sometimes shield themselves from some of the more dour points of getting the procedure. They close their eyes to the risks and the recovery stories because they don't want to talk themselves out of it. This is no way to go into what should be a major life decision. Unfortunately, some women wind up very unhappy after their surgeries because they did not do the basic research beforehand. If you want to have a happy and successful recovery, you should at least know what you're getting into. No two recoveries are exactly the same, but here are some possibilities you should be aware of.

Surgery Type

You may have heard that where the surgeon places the implant has as much effect on the appearance of your breast augmentation as which material you choose. This may not be exactly true, but it will have an impact on your recovery. Implants that are placed on top of the chest muscle will allow you a much quicker, less painful recovery than implants that are placed underneath the muscle. In neither situation should you be looking at weeks of pain, of course. Instead the difference should be somewhere around a day of discomfort for above-muscle implants and two or three days for below muscle implants. You should be provided with pain medication in the meantime.

Bruising and Swelling

Bruising and swelling accompany the recovery from any plastic surgery procedure and breast augmentation is no exception to this. This can last quite a while longer than the actual pain from the surgery. Expect to have some degree of swelling for at least the first two weeks. Most of it should be gone by that two week mark, but the remaining twenty percent or so could stick around for the next couple of months. In other words, don't expect everything to look like you imagined for at least a few months.

Initial Disappointment

For all the research you may do, it's important to understand that many women feel a pang of initial disappointment after getting breast augmentation. This is almost entirely due to two factors. One, the recovery process. It is going to take a while for your new chest to look the way it is supposed to. If you expect everything to look great straight out of the operating room, you're setting yourself up for disappointment. Two, some women expect implants to solve problems they simply can't. While having the figure you desire may help with self esteem issues, they aren't going to solve deeper psychological problems. Make sure you're treating an aesthetic problem only and not something more substantial.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Do Men Really Care If A Woman Has Enhancements?

Sadly yes, men do care whether or not your nose, your breasts, your butt, or your eyes are real. Some men may pretend to not care, and a few actually don't, but if we're talking about men in a general sense, then you would get a resounding "hell yes" from the populace.

When men talk, there tends to be high value placed on women who are blessed with good genes and lovely lady lumps. Women with natural beauty, natural breasts (or a good enough plastic surgeon) are placed upon this golden altar of worship where men wonder at her marvel.

If you're a healthy B cup, you have more chances of a guy taking you seriously than a fake perky C - unless they look natural. Let me go into detail for you girls in the crowd, because I know what you're thinking... big boobs make men go crazy, regardless of them being real or fake. Well I am talking long-term woman in our lives standard, and trust me when I say that men roll for real over fake any day of the week.

I am not talking about the man who's going through a mid-life crisis and buys his girlfriend double D balloons because he doesn't care. I am talking about regular men who are looking for a life-partner..

If they look and feel real then men will love them all the same

Yup, we hate basketballs on your chest, but mess around and have them droop naturally and feel like the real deal and our minds will accept them as yours. Odd right? Same goes for a fake butt, unlike breast implants, many men don't even know that this exists, just like fake pectorals, fake calves and penile enhancement... things we men do to compete in the perfection Olympics.

But this isn't meant to be a negative look at enhancements to the female (or male) body, it is a choice but this question does come up a lot.

Do men really care, or is it better to just get the biggest pair of breasts that money can buy and immediately land a man for doing it? Some guys don't care, hell a woman with a bad boob job who dresses like a million bucks will get absolutely no fight out of a man if she wants him. It's just that we argue for the natural, because ideally we would prefer them to be so.

At the end of the day it is up to you as a woman because you own your body and it is yours to do whatever you feel with it. But if you are truly weighing the pros and cons of enhancement I want you to know that a man who can love on those A-cups like nobody's business will probably be more real about his feelings than a dude who is willing to pay $3,000 to have a doctor slice you up.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

How To Handle The Critical Period Before And After A Facial Plastic Surgery

The popularity of facelift surgery arises from the proliferation of celebrity worship tendencies and a culture of instant gratification, making people want to look like their role models. Perhaps you also wish to have a great look, and have realized that some of your facial features are a little out-of-place. Your solution would be a facial plastic surgery. Before you proceed with the choice, there are some things to consider, if at all you want your surgery done with the best capable hands.

Plastic surgeons should meet the most stringent of requirements, because most of the society will judge you based on your looks, and the surgeons ought to not only do their best, but also give you the best possible results.

You will get many recommendations online on the type of precautions to take and the facilities to approach for your needs, if you conduct an extensive research. On the other hand, there are some things unrelated to the surgeon, but critical to a successful facelift, and these have to do with you.

You need to take time off before surgery

First, you have to ascertain that you are ready for the change of looks. Go ahead with the process of facial plastic surgery only after coming up with a positive affirmation. Take as much time as you need, and mind the advice you receive during this period. Above all, develop a criterion of filtering out marketing gimmicks who aim to sell you products you do not inherently need. It is not surprising to discover that your urge for a new look has been a manifestation of an idea implanted to your ego by a clever marketing campaign.

If the correction to your face arises because of a need to identify with your role model, consider what your reaction will be when you abandon the craze for the particular person and are stuck with the effects of a decision you made because of him or her.

How to take care of yourself after a facelift surgery

Some facelift will be necessary when you want to correct the effects of injury or illness. Your doctor should advise you accordingly, on how to proceed. Irrespective of the reason for the surgery, after you make up your mind, consider getting ample recovery time, away from your normal routine. If it is possible, go to a new environment that is free of any distraction.

The place should also need minimal strain on the body part that is healing. Your choice of going with the best plastic surgeon for your procedure will come in handy during the recovery period as your will receive the right encouragement, check up and general support to hasten you healing process.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Some Facts About Breast Lifts

Ladies, imagine laying out on a serene beach in the middle of the summer with many onlookers coming your way. In this scenario you would want to look your best. You would probably pick out the sexiest swimsuit and neatest accessories. You would also want a glowing tan and a yummy cocktail at your side for the perfect effect. But what about your body? If your body is not in it's best shape, then this will not be the perfect scene for you. Instead of having that hot bikini, you would probably cover yourself with a beach towel or long cover-up. You might also be uncomfortable or ashamed. Getting your dream body may be as easy as losing a few pounds, toning up certain areas, or it may not be that simple. The bust line is a target for many women especially as they age. Getting an attractive youthful looking body may require a bit of cosmetic work. Breast lifts can help to transform women in many ways.

Let's face the facts. The process of aging can bring about some unwanted effects to the body. Wrinkly skin and sagging body parts become familiar as individuals get up in age. One of the areas affected by this process is indeed the bust line. However, the bosom is still one of the body areas that make a woman feminine. A full perky bust line is considered desirable and is what many women strive for. Still, aging as well as having children and breast feeding can cause this area of the body to lose size, shape, and worst of all, to droop down and sag! These are the exact reasons why ladies opt to have breast lifts. The results of this procedure will be revitalizing. Confidence will be restored and individuals can look more like their younger selves.

Breast lifts are very safe and have been approved for years. The surgical procedure is completed within just a matter of hours. The process involves removing excess skin and restructuring the areola and nipple. Some people even choose to get implants during this procedure to give the bust a more refined shape as well. Recovery only takes up to a month and the only side effects are numbing and sometimes swelling. Discomfort doesn't last long and only a few days are spent in the actual bandage. With the right surgeon the chance of risk is extremely low. Patients will be able to enjoy their new bodies in no time. Heads will turn and self esteem will be restored!

If you are ready to give your body a rejuvenating spark, consider the facts about breast lifts and what they can offer to women. Feeling good about yourself comes from looking good and being confident. Body image is an important part of that confidence. The effects of aging are known to get people down and even send some women into deep depressions. This doesn't have to be. Cosmetic work is a surefire way to look years younger and start feeling great about your personal appearance again.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Recovering From Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is one of the more invasive types of surgeries in the cosmetic realm. It is a very safe procedure and, when performed by a good doctor, it is also a very low-risk procedure. However, it does take time to recover from having it. Only your doctor will be able to give you an indication of what specifically will occur in your case. However, after you are wheeled out of the surgery, you will be in the hands of nurses and doctors to help you during that initial period. But, what happens when it is time to discharge from that facility?

Overnight Stay

In some cases, an overnight stay is in order at the hospital after a patient has breast augmentation. This is the decision of your doctor and often it can be the easiest way for you to recoup in the 24 hours after your procedure. You will be then released into the care of a caregiver and will continue to recover from your home or at another facility.

Discharge Options

Not all patients will go directly home after leaving the recovery facility after having breast augmentation. You and your doctor can discuss the options that may work for your situation. Your doctor will provide you with very specific steps to take to ensure that you have the ability to heal well. You do have some options.

You may go home. Many people will be released into the care of a family member, friend, or another responsible adult. You may even wish to hire a professional caregiver to help you for a few days at home. This professional will help to ensure that you are healing well and is there to help avoid any complications. Whomever you do bring in with you must stay with you for at least 24 hours. You should not be alone before this.

Another option is to go to a licensed recovery facility. These facilities are post-surgical sites where you are able to stay in a room for several days or for as long as your doctor requires. These facilities have trained nurses and medical professionals who will monitor your health and who will provide you with help when needed. A hotel or spa may be another option, too. Some facilities have licensed healthcare professionals on staff who can help you to get the rest you need, while there is still someone on hand to help with monitoring your health and providing you with help.

Breast augmentation recovery does not usually take long. Within a few days, you will be feeling well enough to move around easily. However, you should follow your doctor's directions on when and how to get the help you need, including any follow-up appointments. Most patients progress well and end up with good results.