Sunday, August 19, 2012

Do Men Really Care If A Woman Has Enhancements?

Sadly yes, men do care whether or not your nose, your breasts, your butt, or your eyes are real. Some men may pretend to not care, and a few actually don't, but if we're talking about men in a general sense, then you would get a resounding "hell yes" from the populace.

When men talk, there tends to be high value placed on women who are blessed with good genes and lovely lady lumps. Women with natural beauty, natural breasts (or a good enough plastic surgeon) are placed upon this golden altar of worship where men wonder at her marvel.

If you're a healthy B cup, you have more chances of a guy taking you seriously than a fake perky C - unless they look natural. Let me go into detail for you girls in the crowd, because I know what you're thinking... big boobs make men go crazy, regardless of them being real or fake. Well I am talking long-term woman in our lives standard, and trust me when I say that men roll for real over fake any day of the week.

I am not talking about the man who's going through a mid-life crisis and buys his girlfriend double D balloons because he doesn't care. I am talking about regular men who are looking for a life-partner..

If they look and feel real then men will love them all the same

Yup, we hate basketballs on your chest, but mess around and have them droop naturally and feel like the real deal and our minds will accept them as yours. Odd right? Same goes for a fake butt, unlike breast implants, many men don't even know that this exists, just like fake pectorals, fake calves and penile enhancement... things we men do to compete in the perfection Olympics.

But this isn't meant to be a negative look at enhancements to the female (or male) body, it is a choice but this question does come up a lot.

Do men really care, or is it better to just get the biggest pair of breasts that money can buy and immediately land a man for doing it? Some guys don't care, hell a woman with a bad boob job who dresses like a million bucks will get absolutely no fight out of a man if she wants him. It's just that we argue for the natural, because ideally we would prefer them to be so.

At the end of the day it is up to you as a woman because you own your body and it is yours to do whatever you feel with it. But if you are truly weighing the pros and cons of enhancement I want you to know that a man who can love on those A-cups like nobody's business will probably be more real about his feelings than a dude who is willing to pay $3,000 to have a doctor slice you up.


  1. In my opinion, yes, they do care if a woman has enhancements. I say this from my own experience, because two years ago I've suffered a breast augmentation Toronto procedure and the men that I've met after, they were also attracted of my "jewels"! But it's not a quite strange thing, these days... everyone look after a great body and not what's inside!

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